Documentary film center (DFC)

First Russian cinema hall for documentary films and new cultural and educational venue.

This project was created in September 2012. The DFC aims to make documentary film popular and to bring educational and science fiction films back to the cinemas.

Documentary makes now a great breakthrough, it reflects different social processes. Educating platform in the center of Moscow makes good base for new art cluster on cultural map of the modern city.


Cinema hall

On June 6th the DFC and the Museum of Moscow opened with support of Moscow city Department of culture first Russian cinema hall for documentary. The DFC is situated in one of the building of the Museum of Moscow – it is placed in the unique architectural complex of Provision storages.

This cinema hall is a perfect place for screenings, thematical lectures, workshops and film festivals. Regular program of this cinema consists from actual documentaries, educational and science fiction films.

Capacity of the hall is 90 seats.



Mediatheque of the DFC – first public media library of documentary in Russia, created by the example of simple foundations organized on the base of famous European institutions.

The DFC is aimed to summon at one place a unique collection of documentary chronicle, Soviet, Russian and foreign documentary films, which would be available to every visitor of the DFC.

As real collection of documentaries, which is constantly renewing and expanding, media library reacts to informational field and cultural concept. In keeping with educational activity of the DFC media library serves to promotion of documentary.


Platform for discussions

Workshops and cross-disciplinary lectures of leading cultural and public people at the DFC are directed to dissemination of knowledge and experience, and to creating a special space for public dialogue. Series of lectures include study of documentary films and also study of social processes, which form modern history and generation image.



The DFC began its activity by presenting a common project “Open screening” with the news agency RIA Novosti. Every week during 2012 – 2013 at the Multimedia center of press-center of RIA Novosti were shown and discussed documentaries in TV format. Among the participants of discussions were public, cultural figures and experts, and also interested viewers.

With support of embassies and cultural centers the DFC presents international weeks of documentary, screens best films made by foreign directors and shows tendencies of national cinema.  

Sofia Kapkova, founder and CEO of the Documentary film center

Sofia Kapkova studied TV Directing at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. For ten years she worked at Russian federal TV channels: first as a producer of TV shows "Namedni" and "Profession: Reporter", and later as a managing editor for news programs. Sofia also produced documentary films for NTV. After a successful documentary project "Fight Cancer" in 2012 Sofia founded the Documentary Film Center, and in 2013 opened the first Russian cinema hall for documentary.
Over five years the Documentary Film Center had over 200 thousand visitors. The Center held dozens of festivals, including its own namesake festival. Since 2014 the Documentary Film Center has served as a distribution company, releasing documentaries annually.
In 2018 the Center is launching an online platform for Russian and international documentary films as well as the Russian independent and feature films.


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Film Programmer
Documentary film center
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Documentary film center

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Movie Theater Manager

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