Documentary film center (DFC)

Documentary film center is the first Russian cinema hall for documentary films and a new cultural and educational venue.

This project was created in September 2012. DFC aims to make documentary film popular and to bring educational and science fiction films back to the cinema.

Documentary genre makes now a great breakthrough, it reflects different social processes. An educating platform in the center of Moscow makes a good base for a new art cluster on the cultural map of the modern city.


Cinema hall

On June 6th DFC and the Museum of Moscow opened the first Russian cinema hall for documentarywith the support of Moscow city Department of culture. The DFC is located in one of the buildings of the Museum of Moscow – it is placed in the unique architectural complex of Provision storages.

This cinema hall is a perfect place for screenings, thematical lectures, workshops and film festivals. The regular program of this cinema consists of contemporary documentaries, educational and science fiction films.

Hall capacity is 90 seats.




DFC Mediatheque – the first public media library of documentaries in Russia 
created on the example of famous European film institutions.

DFC is aimed at creating a unique collection of documentary chronicle, 
Soviet, Russian and foreign documentary films which would be available for every visitor of DFC.

Media library will expand reacting on the current informational flow and audience's demands. DFC Media library serves to promote documentaries.


Platform for discussion

Workshops and cross-disciplinary lectures of leading cultural and public people are organized as a special space for public dialogue where knowledge and experience can be shared. Series of lectures focus on documentary films studies, modern social and cultural processes, education and art and other disciplines which help to understand contemporary world. 



International documentary film festival CENTER presents films that explore boundaries of modern megacities and cities as a social system. The festival programme studies various features of modern city development and defines issues dealing with current changes of city outlook, urban expansion, lifestyle, ecological problems and globalization.

The festival theme is Cities and citizens and the main festival event is the international competition. Films that are made in 2014-2015 and correspond to the topic are allowed to participate. The jury will announce Grand-Prix and special prizes.

The project was created by Documentary Film Center (DFC) together with Moscow Museum in 2014. The main festival venue is Documentary Film Center. The festival board is chaired by documentary filmmaker and professor of Moscow State University of Cinematography Boris Karadgev. Festival programmer is Victoria Belopolskaya. Festival curator is Maya Kuzina.


Kuzina Maya 

Festival curator

Documentary film center

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Nazarbaeva Nadya 

Media and communications

Documentary film center

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